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5 Tips on How to Attract New Customers

Posted by Bryan Wang

You may already have a large customer base but want it to grow. Creating a new radio ad or starting a new sale maybe some traditional ways to go about doing this. However there are newer tricks to encourage that new potential customer to come to your location or visit your website and make a purchase. Here are some surprising ways to get that new customer that you should try out!

1) Give something away for free

Having a ‘give away’ may sound obvious but there are many benefits to using this tactic. New potential customers will come to your locations or participate in the promotion out of curiosity and out of the chance that they may win the free prize. Once they are in your store or on your website it is a chance to attract them with your products or services. If your ‘give away’ product or service is tailored to your target consumer then you will likely attract consumers who will make repeat visits and purchases. Ensure your giveaway targets the right audience, one that has a high chance of containing many potential customers.

Also the information you get from consumers entering you ‘give away’ promotion can get you valuable information and email addresses which you can use to send out newsletters or promotional materials.

2) Position yourself or your business as a subject matter expert

Don’t just sell a particular product or service – become an expert on that product or service. Having a visible member of senior management do TED talks and industry conferences, record podcasts, write blog posts and publish research articles all gives you credibility through making you a appear to be an expert in a field, whatever the field maybe whether it is spa services or footwear. Not only will consumers who are interested in the product or service that you sell come to know about you organically through your outreach efforts but they will also come to see you as a reliable and credible expert from whom they can make smart purchases.

3) Have engaged employees

If potential customers are greeted by uptight, uninformative or distracted staff the chances of them making a purchase goes down significantly. Beyond this unhelpful employees reflect badly on your brand and bad customer service can be publicized by negative online reviews. It may surprise you to know that your POS can help with this significantly. A modern POS such as the sleek Vexilor can gamify employee performance, encouraging staff to compete to win in-system competitions for who sells the most. This incentivises selling and promotes friendly competition. A modern POS can also help you track which employees are your best sellers and who are underperforming. However certain POS systems are tablets with games and other distracting apps, raising valid concerns that they will decrease productivity instead. Look for POS systems such as Vexilor, that block non-business related apps and internet use from their tablets.

4) Have a marketing strategy

Developing a marketing strategy relies on detailed knowledge of your existing customer base can be very effective is getting new customers. Through knowing your existing customers’ buying habits, preferences and demographics you know who to target when trying to acquire new customers. For example if you sell craft supplies and know that the majority of your existing customers are women from the age of 23 to 33, who live in urban areas and buy more on the weekends then you know that this is the demographic to speak to in your advertising and promotional efforts. But how will you get this valuable information? Through having a POS that you can get actionable data from at the store, region or enterprise level. Your POS provider should be able to give you detailed and easy-to-understand reports which will help you make business decisions. Also look for a POS with embedded marketing tools such as loyalty programs, like Vexilor, which encourage potential customers to become repeat customers and give you customer data which can be used to attract new customers.

5) Care about your customers

This simple and easy to implement tip can be overlooked by many. But in today’s shopping climate consumers are becoming more ethical in regards to the purchases they make whether it be supporting local business or certain types of manufacturing. Consumers increasingly do not want to be treated as a faceless, nameless source of profit by large corporations. The answer to this new want is to genuinely care about your customers whether this is through providing superior and personalized customer service or through implementing an effective loyalty program that rewards repeat buyers. These satisfied customers will use word of mouth to spread the word about your business to their friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances getting you free advertising and a valuable avenue through which to attract new customers. Also continue to ensure that your company values and culture are in line with those of your customers and aim to care about things that matter to them whether it is using local talent and raw materials, employing sustainable business practices or supporting the appropriate causes.

Implement these easy and surprisingly simple tactics to gain new customers in 2015.

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