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Four Secrets to Mobile POS Success You Didn’t Know

Posted by Bryan Wang
In the retail sector alone Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) is a $5.7 billion business globally.
A MPOS is a tablet, smart-phone or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a Point of Sale (POS) terminal. Depending on the software the MPOS can operate as a stand-alone device that’s simply linked to the business’ bank account or it can be an integrated component of a larger POS system.

In recent years MPOS has become a popular option among retailers helping to line bust, combat showrooming and provide better service.

The move to implement MPOS is a smart one.

However a nuanced understanding of the technology needs to be reached by the merchant to make the most of the MPOS.

Here are some unexpected strategies and considerations for getting the most out of a MPOS and its installation in your locations:

1)    Make sure you have employee buy-in –

At the corporate level you may be ready and excited to roll-out your new MPOS system, but before you install your MPOS make sure you have the buy-in of not just top management, but associates who are on the floor of your business every day. Many technology initiatives in retail fall flat when employees don’t see the benefit of the new technology. Hold a seminar which explains what you are doing and discuss the many benefits of MPOS. Tell associates that the right MPOS can drive sales and profit and improve customer service resulting in happier customers. Beyond this ensure you get your associates training in the new MPOS tablets so that there is no resistance due to lack of understanding on how to use the technology. Certain MPOS tablets, such as Vexilor from Givex, are easy to use and your associates will be able to pick up how to operate them quickly. Vexilor for example locks down more complex functions and workflows based on who is using it. This is so a new employee isn't bombarded with multiple functionalities at once and left confused.  Vexilor works with a more streamlined UI, with many prompts to ensure new users input orders correctly. Once they are comfortable with this, their access can be expanded over time. Vexilor will even gamify the sales process encouraging friendly competition between employees by recording who sells more and prompting associates to upsell more than they would have without it.

2)    Identify best locations for your MPOS –

Make sure you analyze the best locations to install and deploy staff with your MPOS. You especially need to re-conceptualize your space if you are a big business with large, spacious locations. A lack of POS terminals in some store areas greatly degrades the customer’s shopping experience. Look out for space waste. You can do this by watching out for areas that are at least 50 feet away from the nearest checkout terminal. This space is one where customers ready to buy merchandise may see a line up at a checkout terminal and abandon your product and not buy due to unwillingness to wait in long lines. This is also a space where customers may be on the brink of buying product but may need some advice or additional information but cannot get any because your employees are stationed at the checkout terminal dealing with long lines. Mobility can clearly help your chances of making sales and improve your customers’ shopping experience. In the United States at least 25 percent of store floor space is in this category of un-serviced space. A cost saving and easy remedy is to make sure you have employees roaming these areas with an MPOS to not only process checkouts but answer customer queries. Identify the best locations for your MPOS and you will surely drive sales.

3)    Know how to use your MPOS to increase products bought –

With online shopping the number of consumers visiting retail shops is decreasing. It is increasingly important for retailers to know which strategies to employ to promote even more sales in store. Using your sales associates effectively is key to this. MPOS allows your employees to pull up customer profiles on the spot as they serve customers, allowing them to personalize customer service by viewing purchasing history. This includes recommending products of interest to the customer rather than general products. Sales associates can also access the internet (a good WIFI connection will be needed in your location to effectively use MPOS) to quickly research customer questions and battle the chances of the customer going to a competitor’s website with an MPOS. Remember it is too late to convince the customer to buy additional products when they are at the check-out point with your stationary POS. They are ready to leave at this point and all purchasing decisions have been made. With MPOS the power of the internet and customer profiles created through the right loyalty programs is at your associates’ finger tips. This allows them to combat the chances that potential customers may leave with only one product which they have researched online previously. Instead your sales associate can aid them in the research process, outline the benefits of additional products and entice the customer to buy more products.

4)    Use a MPOS install as a time to commit to security –

Many legacy systems are not secure anymore due to Windows XP software expiry in 2015 and their inability to accept more secure Chip and Pin credit cards. For more on POS security read our blog post here. Upgrading to a MPOS is also good time to ensure that you are PCI compliant and that all your POS security is up-to-date. Be forward-looking in your plans and ensure that you are protected from the latest malware threats through the use of the latest technology. There are also MPOS security tips you should know. Don’t use public WIFI hotspots as internet traffic can be easily intercepted on unencrypted public WIFI. Also be wary of downloading apps. A lot of malicious software infects mobile devices by acting as a Trojan horse inside an app. Tell your employees of these risks. Consider tablets or POS systems that are locked down, preventing authorized app installs. Otherwise, employees might even secretly download games or other apps. Besides harming productivity, these can inadvertently expose you to malware. It is important to accept all OS and app updates immediately as mobile devices, like computers, should be patched often to eliminate software or hardware vulnerabilities.

Be smart when you implement your MPOS. Choose a high quality MPOS option from a reputable company such as Givex and keep these strategies in mind to maximize benefits reaped from your MPOS!

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