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Here Are the Top Marketing Trends for 2015

Posted by Bryan Wang

In today’s social media savvy and hyper connected world marketing is more important than ever. Every large organization should have a marketing department staffed with marketing pros ready to get your message out there and help you sell your product or service.

It is also important for company management to keep marketing considerations in mind when making key decisions and to have a general understanding and know-how of marketing principles.
With marketing constantly changing however it can be tough to ascertain what is important, when.

Here we have outlined the top marketing trends on the horizon for 2015. Stay abreast of these marketing developments to stay ahead of competition and keep up with consumers’ wants and expectations.

Top Marketing Trends for 2015 –

Quality Content –

Selling is a part of marketing and that is great. But in 2015 using your marketing outreach to only sell, sell, sell is passé . Consumers can now tell that you are pitching to them instead of providing them with value-added content and are turning away from such obvious marketing jargon. Instead companies will need to provide value online whether it is honest product information, useful blog posts on topics of interest to the customers or witty social media campaigns. The good news is that providing this quality content will reflect well on your brand and will inadvertently help sales.

Everyone is a Marketer –

In 2015 it is not ok to have your marketing efforts and team in a silo.  Everyone in your organization should be aware of your company’s marketing strategy and should know not to send that offensive tweet even if it is from a personal account. Beyond just knowing not stir up controversy your team should be able to help further your marketing objectives whether it is writing a guest blog post or knowing your key messages of by heart. The philosophy that marketing is everyone’s job will pervade organizations 2015 onwards.

Data is still king –

This trend is a continuation from 2014 and probably the years before that but obtaining accurate data is still key. ‘Big data’ is the buzzword and all corporations may know but not necessarily understand it. It is important to go beyond simply having big data to having actionable data – data you can use to make important decisions. It may be surprising but picking the right point-of-sale (POS) is key here. Your POS is where your sales – the heart of your business – are and can give you crucial data on which you can make key marketing decisions. A newer POS like Vexilor can give you detailed reports on topics such as customer spending patterns giving you a deep understanding of consumers. 

Mixing it up –

Another 2015 trend is the use of paid media and owned media to promote your brand to target audiences. Bombarding consumers with only paid media makes it seem as though you aren’t capable of creating organic and original content and will not appeal to key influencers. At the same time paid media or advertising can help you get new followers and fans that can transition into becoming your customers. In 2015 you will see businesses adapt a strategy that combines the use of original, thoughtful and owned content with paid offerings.

High-Tech Shopping –

The future is here. Think Jetsons-style digital assistants and virtual valets at stores. But before this stores will have RFID, touchscreens and beacons to enhance consumer experience. Tech-conscious consumers will expect your brand to be technologically relevant and up-to-date and this will apply to your store design on your POS. Many retailers and restaurants are implementing mobile POS and tablet based POS. Don’t let your locations look like they are stuck in 1990!

Marketing is ever changing and yet the basic principles remain the same. Here we have outlined some changes in-store for the year ahead. Hope you found them useful!

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