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Is Content King? Using Content Marketing for Business Growth

Posted by Bryan Wang

Content marketing is defined as the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content to drive profitable customer action and to attract and retain target audiences. It is used in the context of a strategic marketing approach. 

Still unclear as to what content marketing is?Well different types of content marketing tactics are; in-person events ( a TED talk, or a seminar), videos, social media content, a blog, case studies, e-newsletters, web articles, webinars/webcasts, visual assets such as illustrations/photos, inforgraphics, and research reports.

Here are some examples of businesses that have successfully created and deployed content marketing strategies.

Intel –

A great example of content marketing via a blog is IQ which is Intel’s employee curated blog. It leverages employee knowledge and insights to create posts on a variety of topics of interest to their audience.

Notice that they cover a wide variety of topics beyond just what products and services. Intel offers to instead give readers value on areas such as fashion, sports, health and lifestyles.

Panera Bread –

Another example of smart content marketing is Panera Bread’s Pinterest page. They have a mix of images from their own brand and value-added content. The photos showcasing their own food items are photographed in an appealing manner with an aesthetic that matches what Pinterest users are looking for. By providing attractive images that fit into the Pinterest community’s wants Panera Bread provides content that is wanted and also beneficial to their product awareness.

Beyond this Panera Bread has a Pinterest album focused on fitness giving users tips on health and wellness. The album attracts fitness-minded consumers to the Panera Bread Pinterest page where they may also see the brand’s menu items. The health album also reinforces the perception and brand message that Panera Bread is healthy.

Why Go With Content Marketing:

Here are the key benefits of content marketing for your brand:

•    Generate More Inbound Traffic to Your Website
•    Increase Engagement with Targeted Audiences
•    Build Brand Awareness
•    Establish Yourself/Your Brand As a Thought Leader
•    Is More Cost Effective Than Traditional Marketing
•    Can Generate Leads and Increase Sales

How to Get Started With Implementing Content Marketing:



1)    Think Before You Create:

Don’t tell you marketing team to start churning out content marketing pieces before you understand your goals. Think long and hard about what you want to achieve. Certain questions you may needed to think about are; do you need/want to raise brand awareness?, do you need/want to nurture prospects during their buying journey?, do you need/want to retain customers and/or increase their purchases? Understanding and defining what you want to achieve will direct your content marketing activities.

2)    Organize Your Content Marketing:

Now that you know your goals and objectives it’s time to distill them into a content marketing strategy. Don’t start content marketing without a strategy in place. Your written strategy document will help you recognize which activities and tactics don’t align with your goals and is a place to record budgeting. Elements to include in your content marketing strategy are content mapping, reminder of your brand story and target audiences.

3)    Map Out and Create:

It’s time to create an editorial calendar that will map out what is being created for what platforms/channels with what timing. The editorial calendar will help you forward plan activities and tactics and is a good place to see whether your content pieces are getting repetitive or are staying fresh.

4)    Measure Success:

It’s important to track how well your content marketing pieces are doing. Key questions to consider can be; ‘did this piece raise brand awareness?’ and ‘did it bring in leads/clients?’ Also use the analytics tools inherent in most social media and web platforms to track metrics.

Stay tuned to this blog for great marketing and strategy tips!

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