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Top Website Design Trends for 2016

Posted by Bryan Wang

It’s already time to think about 2016. Especially if you’re thinking of redesigning your brand’s website or just implementing a few tweaks. 

Here are some key web design trends – some new and some a continuation from 2015.


Minimalist websites feature negative space, simple typography and sparse elements. The minimalism aesthetic reinforces that the less there is on the screen the more important and attention-grabbing the few elements featured become.  Do not confuse minimalism with boring emptiness however - instead think of it as taking away everything that distracts your website visitors from content.

Often minimalist websites use other popular modern design trends to compliment their starkness. These include over-sized typography and imagery, simple navigation systems, continuous scrolling, interactive elements, and the latest responsive techniques.

The ‘less is more’ approach in web design conveys elegance, sophistication and innovation. Done properly, a minimalist website is aesthetically striking and easy to understand.

Here are some examples of minimalist websites:


Thanks to advancement in browser technologies web animation is a trend you can expect to see grow in 2016. When animation is applied correctly on your website it creates user delight and makes an interface easier to use via context. Think of web animation as having both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Generally websites have been using animation in two ways. Firstly they are being used by adding whimsy and delight to the functional areas of the website via loading bars, hover tools, counters etc. in non-essential aesthetic points. Animations are also being used as the primary interaction tool with an impact more noticeable to users and in ways essential to describing the features of a product or service.

Remember animations should match the look and feel of your website whether it is colorful, minimal etc.

Some examples of web animation are:


As browsers improve rendering capabilities and HD monitors become more accessible and affordable web photography will continue to grow as a viable option for web designers.  Mainly photography is being used in web design in four ways.

  • Hero Images:  Full screen images with a hero header. Creates an immersive experience, drawing the user in with an attention-grabbing image.
  • Natural Images: Showing photos with the product being sold in context with an artistic twist. Use this technique to show your products in action but do not use cliché stock photos.
  • Black and White Images: Black and white photos convey professionalism and sophistication and if this is part of your brand message then this may be the technique for you.  Some websites  even amplify certain objects by giving them color accents against a black and white image.
  • Color Overlays: You can elicit an emotional response with certain colors (such as red for urgency) and reinforce your brand image with this technique which sees brands matching the website colors with their brand colors.

Here are some websites that prominently feature photography:


Dramatic typography includes fonts, sizes and effects that are stylistic elements on their own. Typography is now more than just about legibility. Dramatic typography and simple typography can work together, and often do. Dramatic typography is basically typography which stands out.

Elements currently trending in dramatic typography include:

  • Either extremely large or small size
  • Writing superimposed on images
  • Creative use of simple typefaces
  • Custom typefaces
  • Artistic fonts

Remember good typography in any year will always meet these goals:

  • Communicate the message of the text
  • Work well with other design tactics
  •  Create a memorable impression

See below for some websites that put the focus on dramatic typography:

With these forward looking web design trends in mind you can rework, redesign and re-conceive your brand’s website for 2016!

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