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What You Need Next for Your Business’s POS

Posted by Bryan Wang
All business owners alike need to know the latest technology, business developments, and trends to make the best decisions for their businesses.

Keeping ahead of industry changes and developments is a smart move as it also keeps you ahead of your competitors.

Now the latest change to watch out for is in regards to your POS.

As you may already know your POS is at the heart of your business, where the sales are and at the point of customer contact.

But now you should see your POS as more than a piece of hardware at the till or a limited-capability app on an un-secure tablet.

Instead for maximum profitability and operational efficiency you should see your POS as a platform , one which works seamlessly to get you the information and capabilities that really matter. Think of your POS as a platform of different applications and components working together to grow your business. Here we go over what constitutes a POS platform and why you need it to create the best POS environment for your business.

Your POS platform should include:


In POS platform all the elements of your POS are connected and work together. This includes your hardware which should no longer be seen to be a clunky cash register. Your POS system should instead include all the hardware you need to grow your business and smoothly handle your operations. Vexilor POS for example comes in bundled packaged which include a sleek tablet, card reader, printer and VHub and more. All these hardware elements connect with the cloud and thus are conduits through which to get in-depth customer data, read reports, process gift and loyalty programs and implement mobile wallet.


Your POS system’s features should be able to turn your POS into a powerful and effective tool which goes beyond accepting payment to getting key data, making business operations smoother and processing key marketing tools like loyalty and gift. If you choose a limited POS system which does not offer these features you risk falling behind competitors who may have implemented a complete POS platform whose different elements work together to drive sales.

Business Growth Capabilities

You POS should be ready to grow and evolve when you are without substantial extra cost. When you grow your retail or restaurant locations your POS should be able to provide you remote multi-location reporting and if you go global your POS must be able to process currency conversion and offer multi-lingual commands. With a POS platform where different features work together within changing contexts you have the ease of mind that comes with having a POS system that changes with your differing needs.


A secure and PCI compliant shopping environment is key for the complete POS platform. A cloud based system like Vexilor which does not store any customer credit card info on the POS lessens the risk of your customers’ information being stolen by malicious malware. Your POS platform should have features such as restricted web-browsing for employees to limit the likelihood of contracting Internet-based malware and more.


Your POS system should be able to integrate with third party vendors, allowing you to run a host of programs on your POS software and hardware. Don’t pick a POS which is not easily integrated as this will limit what you can do in the future.

Choosing a complete POS platform like Vexilor will maximize your business capabilities and help it grow. Contact us!

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