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Why Your Point of Sale (POS) is Your Secret Marketer

Posted by Bryan Wang

What do you have in your business’s marketing tool box? Is it full? Or is it empty, devoid of the marketing capabilities you need to attract customers?

Data driven marketing should be employed by every merchant and company to directly target the right audience and speak to their potential customers using the right information and language. With marketing tools embedded right into your POS this capability is right at your fingertips.

The right POS is your own dedicated marketer, a crucial member of your marketing team providing you with the ability to stimulate purchase and garner customer loyalty. It gives you the capability to attract and retain customers if it comes equipped with the right functionalities. Your POS should provide you with the right marketing tools.

These tools, such as gift cards and loyalty programs, shouldn’t be separate from your POS. In fact they should be integrated within it. This is because every time these tools are used you have the opportunity to gather valuable customer information which gives you the chance to provide superior customer service which retains, attracts and entices customers.

But does your current POS have these tools? Does it have the capability to act as a star marketer like certain POS systems can?

When assessing your POS system’s capabilities ask if it has embedded marketing capabilities to support these valuable tools.

For example if your loyalty program functions separately from your POS then you may not know who your repeat customers are, what they spend money on and how often they visit. If you are in the restaurant business and your repeat clients are having an anniversary, you should know this. It will allow you to give them free drinks and show that you appreciate their repeat visits. If in retail then your POS can give you information on promotions you are running. Knowing which promotions customers repeatedly come back for and which ones they don’t lets you give clientele the deals they want and use effective sales campaigns.

There are certain marketing tools that you should look to be embedded in your POS to maximize sales, get the most useful data and provide service which beats the competition.

Gift cards are a powerful marketing tool as well as a very popular offering in and of themselves. With gift cards in your POS through embedded marketing you can harness the benefits of this tool to your business’s advantage. Most customers expect to be able to purchase gift cards from your location and thus they are a significant source of revenue. Gift card recipients typically spend more than the value of their card. Beyond this gift cards are given by customers to non-customers as a recommendation to go to your business and partake in your services or products. As such they advertise your business to non-customers and attract them to your location. With all these benefits to having a gift card program, having a POS that cannot process gift card transactions is a disadvantage. A POS with a fully embedded gift card program gives you customer data to see how well your gift card program is working, which segment of your customer base is using them and when. Additionally, such an integrated gift card program makes it easy to reconcile your gift card transactions to ensure that final balances match.

Loyalty programs come with many benefits. They improve customer retention levels and improve brand image. Loyalty programs also help acquire new customers, increase the spending of existing customers and shift spending to higher margin products. Using a POS with a fully integrated loyalty program, you not only efficiently administer your loyalty program but you can also access customer and transaction information that you can use to optimize customer service. Is a previously loyal, repeat customer not visiting your location lately? Your POS should be able to alert you to this so you can contact them with promotions catered to their tastes to entice them back to your location. Is there a birthday coming up for a particularly regular client? With a POS with embedded marketing you will know ahead of time. Then send them a product or promotion offer to mark the occasion, showing that you care and retaining their patronage. With the loyalty program right on your POS you can also track loyalty members via online reservations and ordering to provide personalized service. Imagine being able to do all this right from your POS. The information gathered is useful in that it allows you to provide superior, customized customer service right away with no delay.

Your POS should put a marketer’s toolkit at your fingertips. Look for a POS with embedded marketing tools that allow you to created targeted loyalty programs, give superior, personalized customer service and administer successful gift card programs.

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