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4 Ways to Boost your Restaurant Sales During the Holiday Season

Posted by Sonya Hoshmand

Christmas gets closer and closer, and with COVID throwing curveballs every month, it can be challenging for restaurants to stay afloat. For this holiday season, let's bring the magic back by driving traffic to your restaurant. Each year we find ourselves refusing guests due to being overbooked, but now, with delivery services and pick-up as an option, the restaurant can launch a new strategy for the year's busiest time.

Here are four ways restaurants can boost their sales this holiday season.


Gift cards! You may have missed the mark to get physical gift cards but don't miss on getting e-gift cards. Global digital gift card sales are projected to hit $698.2 billion by 2024, but with this year in consideration, this number is predicted to be higher. Offering e-gift cards is a great tactic to increase your revenue, as it's the perfect gift to give one another during the season. Your customers will want to give the gift of gift cards to their loved ones.


As dining rooms are being closed in specific regions and others being allowed to seat at half capacity, restaurants need to tap into the digital side of serving. Online ordering and curbside pick-up have seen enormous growth as one of Google's trending search terms in 2020. As customers move away from traditional dining, many are looking for ways to order from their favorite restaurant to enjoy at home. Your POS needs to communicate with your online ordering system seamlessly to ensure that the pick-up or delivery service is effortless. Nowadays, it's hard to provide the best service without the guest being in person, which is why you need to make sure your digital presence is operating at 110%


Times have been tough, and those who support you should be rewarded. Show your gratitude by creating a loyalty program. Loyalty is vital to help drive business to your restaurant. Create a tiered incentive that enables your customers to redeem discounted or free items from your menu. Through a loyalty program, restaurants can create a relationship with customers to come back for more. If you don't have a loyalty program already and are hesitating, a loyalty program creates a relationship with the customers and provides vital data for your business. Want to learn more about loyalty program capabilities? Click here.


Lastly, create a promotion! Who doesn't love a holiday deal? Take a look at your menu and see what promotion you can run. For instance, if you have a mobile app and want to incentivize customers to utilize your app, add an app-only offer. If customers use your mobile app to place an order, they will receive a percentage discount off their first meal. During the holiday season, customers are looking for promotions and deals, so use customer behavior to your advantage.


Be sure to keep these four tips in mind to help drive business to your restaurant this holiday season. Are you looking to sell your gift cards online? Check out giftcertififcates.ca




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