Givex Announces Partnership with Benjamin for Technological and Innovative Expansion Plan in Brazil

Posted by Lauren Moorman

Brazilian bakery chain will benefit from Givex's omnichannel technology platform, including its POS system with data-driven loyalty program capabilities to help with its continued expansion

Toronto, ON (July 26, 2022) - Givex, a global IT platform focused on providing its customers with useful and strategic end-customer information, today announces an innovative partnership with Benjamin, a chain of traditional Brazilian bakeries in São Paulo. Benjamin will use Givex technology to deliver their digital bakery concept, creating an even closer relationship with customers throughout the retail experience, from the point of purchase to after-sales, allowing for continuous innovation and expansion of the brand in the Brazilian market.

“Benjamin has reinvented itself and is experiencing a new moment. With the pandemic, we revisited our strategy and understood that it was time to reposition our brand with an even more modern and digital look,” explains Paulo Calil, CEO of Benjamin. “Our customers are increasingly looking for a consumer experience that brings convenience and ease to their daily lives. Therefore, we focused our efforts on all sides – product, people and technology – to bring the consumer the best in the bakery segment. Counting on the support of Givex, a company recognized in the market for its omnichannel solutions, was fundamental for the advances we seek.”

Givex first entered Brazil in 2009 and brought its GivexPOS system to the country ten years later in 2019. Omnichannel, cloud-based technology provides restaurant operators with everything they need in a streamlined solution that can be accessed on a Givex tablet. Givex's all-in-one platform, including POS, Givex mobile app, kitchen display system (KDS) and inventory management, offers a simple solution that promotes stronger customer interactions as well as maximum local and remote management for Givex customers.

“The technology that Givex brought to Brazil is a game changer and offers management, innovation and customer relationship solutions that go far beyond what the market is used to,” said Maria Costa, Managing Director, Givex Latin America. “We are proud to have been chosen as Benjamin's partners to support the brand's existing operations and continued growth. Their partnership speaks to the approval and satisfaction of our product and its ability to scale.”

In addition to the POS, Benjamin will also use Givex's loyalty program capabilities, allowing the brand to analyze its customer trends and purchase data to learn more about consumption patterns, encourage repeat sales and create new menus tailored specifically to meet its customers' preferences. Using these insights, Benjamin will also be able to use the data to create personalized promotions through a real-time cloud portal that focuses on gamification, analytics and more.

“Our goal at Givex is not just to sell a system, but to deliver a great technology product to the customers we serve, enabling them to grow their business and gain unparalleled consumer insights,” said Costa. “This is just the beginning of another great partnership.”

Benjamin also launched a new online ordering app using Givex's progressive web app solution. This creates a seamless ordering experience for customers who can place delivery or pickup orders through the app, schedule the pickup time or scan a QR code and pay directly in the app while inside the bakery. As the app and POS are part of the Givex platform, orders are automatically sent to Benjamin's production areas and posted to the correct reports, eliminating manual work and potential data errors. In addition, as Benjamin introduces several innovative store models, including prepaid fast food stores and dark kitchens, the application of Givex technology will allow the brand to customize its menus to meet the needs of each type of store and channel. In addition, Givex's integration with the iFood delivery platform allows for seamless communication and delivery.

After the launch in August, Givex and Benjamin rolled out their system to all 20 of the chain's bakeries within a month, including six newly opened stores - a testament to the ease and simplicity of its interface. This partnership marks an important milestone as Givex continues to expand its network of merchant locations.

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Benjamin presents the #TeamBakery concept, which brings together those passionate about the network, those fans who have Benjamin as their favorite place to live their best and most important moments. On its menu, Benjamin has more than 300 products, offering different types of breads with natural fermentation, traditional and rustic, sweets and a variety of cold and hot beverages. Considered a reference in the city of São Paulo, the chain has 20 units, 12 of which have spaces for consumption and 8 as dark kitchens, reserved for delivery services. There are thousands of orders daily, whether in person at the counter of its units or digital in all regions of São Paulo. In Benjamin's stores, consumers find unique experiences of a real bakery with all the convenience needed to make everyday life easier, in a familiar, welcoming, and at the same time modern, environment.

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