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Don't Fall For the Tricks This Halloween!

Posted by Sonya Hoshmand

Halloween is only a few days away, do you have your night planned out and in motion? If you’re a restaurant owner you still have time to get into the holiday spirit and drive more revenue to your business. Don't miss out on this spooky chance.


The streets will be filled with families going from house to house, or traveling to a community event. Be sure to engage with the neighborhood trick or treaters by handing out candy or small samples from your menu. Keep your lights on and keep some signage out to let families know that you are open and serving candy. Include a coupon as an incentive, so that parents can visit at another time. Handing out candy with coupons would also work on other nights beside Halloween.



We all know when October hits everyone begins to transform their restaurants and cafés to match the Fall Serve up seasonal trends such as selling pumpkin spice lattes, cake pops, and Halloween-inspired ice cream flavors. Spice up your current menu by promoting new limited-edition items to get customers to try new things on your menu, and get hooked on your traditional menu items.



It’s never too late to get your restaurant and even your employees into the spirit of Halloween by allowing costumes to be worn during shifts.


Decorate with carved pumpkins, spider webs and ghosts in your business to add a little seasonal flavor. You can take it a step further by changing your pastry to the shape of Halloween ghouls. This is sure to be eye-catching while customers look at your digital menu boards.



With the additional foot traffic your restaurant will experience, engage customers even more by adding fun activities and events in your establishment. Organize a costume contest for employees or customers; it’s a great social media contest to encourage customers to share photos of your establishment, include your location and use a hashtag. It's a great way to increase your brand impressions and get new eyes on your business.


Be sure to try these easy ideas to take advantage of the Halloween and drive an increase in revenue.


Don’t fall for the tricks, but savor the treats from the holiday season!

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