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Drive Sales Through Promotional Cards!

Posted by Sonya Hoshmand

Want a piece of a $698.2 billion industry? It's that time again! The season of gift-giving is upon us but with a twist due to the pandemic. Businesses will find that customer behavior has shifted, and one must adapt to succeed. We are here to help you drive sales even if you are functioning online only.

E-Gift & Promotional Cards

Gift cards continue to be the preferred gift to give others due to their convenience. Over 59% of customers have placed gift cards on their wish list, and with the pandemic in mind, many customers will avoid crowded locations such as malls and order most of their gifts online. As many are practicing social distancing, holiday gatherings will be almost non-existent, so e-gift cards are the easiest and safest solution for consumers. Businesses project that their e-gift card sales will exceed their previous year’s sales due to the pandemic impact.

E-Gift cards allow the user to have freedom on what they would like to purchase.

Does your business have your promotional card strategy in place? Are you confused about how you can have a successful holiday season during the pandemic? No problem, we are here to help provide you some successful ways to implement your promotional cards that will increase traffic online and in-store, while increasing the size of each transaction.


BOGO: Free Gift Card with Purchase 

When customers buy a gift card worth at least $X, they receive a free gift card worth $Y. This is a great way to provide funds that will force the customer to return to your establishment to spend the free money. Surveys have found that customers spend around 38% more than their card's face value, so this is a great way to draw in traffic and increase your bottom line.


Bonus Cash Cards

This promotional strategy is excellent to create urgency around spending. It's a limited time offer; when customers buy a gift card, they'll receive $X more loaded onto it.


Bonus Snap Card

Recipe Unlimited, our client, launched their first gift card promotion with us. We print gift cards with a snap-off promotional card attached to incentivize gift card sales and get your special offers directly in customers' hands. The promotion they were running was offering $175 in saving and could be redeemed in 800+ locations.


Contactless Ordering & Payment 

Technology has shown to be critical to the survival of many restaurants. Successful restaurants have seen their online sales grow by more than eight times since February 2020. Many had to create takeout menus, build an online ordering site, and work with third-party delivery services to gain extra exposure, and 60% of restaurant operators say that offering delivery has generated incremental sales.  

Today’s diners, especially millennials, tend to prefer using technology to access restaurant services. “60% of restaurant patrons order food delivery or takeout online at least once a week” As the shift to eCommerce is increasing, businesses need to utilize their Point-of-sale (POS) system for online ordering, delivery, and payment solutions. Your POS will need to seamlessly communicate and receive orders place on your online ordering site to ensure a successful operation.

Contactless payment has skyrocketed in popularity since the start of the pandemic. The trend towards utilizing mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay) or Near Field Communications (NFC) has grown and won’t be subsiding anytime soon. Contactless payments are faster than both cash and card transactions. With restrictions on how many people businesses can admit at a time, this will reduce the long lines outside that may turn some customers away. 


One of our clients even found that their online ordering sales exceeded 80-85% of all sales during the shutdown peak.


E-Gift Card Facts!

  • Global digital gift card sales are projected to hit $698.2 billion dollars in 2024.
  • 71% of consumers report that they are more likely to give an e-gift card now than in the past
  • 65% of gift card recipients spend around 38% MORE than the face value of their cards


Get in touch with our sales representative today to find out the BEST way for your business. Take your technology to the next level this holiday season to meet customer demands.


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