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Easy Solutions to Maximize Gift Card Sales

Posted by Sonya Hoshmand

Over the years, gift cards have become the most common and requested gift for people of all ages. They are also one of the best marketing strategies available to businesses that want to attract new customers. Every card sold comes with a guarantee that a potential new customer will visit your establishment. Since gift cards represent free money for the cardholder, over 60% of users spend an average of 38% beyond their card's value - very encouraging numbers for a product that costs very little to produce and takes up very little shelf space. 

So if you don't have a gift card program or your current cards aren't selling as well as you want them to. Click here to download our Gift Card Guide, containing helpful tips to increase gift card sales and maximize profits all year long.

Gift Card Whitepaper- Cover


Sneak Peek at some of the tips: 

  • Consider implementing a hybrid gift card + loyalty card. The card serves two
    purposes, it can be sold as a gift card, but it also allows the cardholder to
    earn points whenever they make a purchase. When the card balance is fully
    redeemed, the customer still has an incentive to return to the store if
    they have acquired points

  • Corporate clients purchase a large number of gift cards each year for their
    customers or employees. Develop a separate B2B web page on your site
    to simplify the buying process and accommodate bulk card orders

  • 56% of customers store their gift cards on their mobile phones.
    Seek out card processors that offer a mobile wallet or are integrated to
    Google or Apple Pay

  • Offer complimentary gift cards to the purchasers who spend a minimum
    dollar amount at your store. Even if the value of the gift card is nominal, your
    customers will feel appreciated and return


Click here to download the FULL guide! 


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