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First Data’s Clover Flex joining forces with Givex POS

Posted by Sonya Hoshmand

As commerce evolves beyond brick-and-mortar stores, it requires businesses to provide their customers with a seamless experience. It is through that evolution that we are pleased to announce that Givex POS has integrated with First Data's Clover Flex for their payment technology.

Our clients have been waiting for this integrations as the combo brings unique features to our clients’ disposal. Givex POS and Clover Flex are everything a business requires to perfect the seamless experience they wish to provide for their clients. Clover Flex is a smart payment terminal with a slick modern look that is designed to fit comfortably as a handheld device or on the countertop. Meaning that if you'd like, you can take your payment terminal to your customers or rather have them come to the front to complete their payment. Clover Flex can also accept a variety of payment methods; PIN entry, NFC, mag stripe transactions, electronic gift cards, and can process EMV chip cards in less than three seconds.


Givex POS is your end-to-end management solution that runs on proprietary hardware and software that is developed for restaurants, quick service, and retail environments. Givex POS also has over 200+ features allowing our clients to customize and manage every aspect of their business. From customizing productions steps and workflows, supports complex routing configuration between prep stations, head of line and expos, and analyzing large quantities of data. It is everything you could ever need in one beautiful unit.


Clover Flex is one of the smartest payment terminals on the market. The terminal connects to apps that will help change the way you operate your business, here are just a few of the features within Clover Flex:


  • Virtual Terminal (making it easy to get paid virtually anytime)
  • Employee Management (set shifts and pull reports)
  • Custom Configurations (smartest payment solution on the market)
  • Built-In Receipt printer and scanner allows SMB’s to have flexibility with lower upfront costs on hardware


We understand that no business owners want to have payment issues to occur. During rush hour, we ensure that your Givex POS and Clover Flex payment terminal communicate seamlessly together to ensure they are speaking to one another. After a successful day, no one wants to spend extra hours closing bills and risk the chances of human error, messing up the day’s balance.


Want to learn more about what this integration can mean for your business? Reach out to your sales representative or contact us here givex.com/contact-us/