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Foodtastic Implements GivexPOS & CWS Across All Brands

Posted by Darius Sokal

According to Foodtastic/Second Cup Canada vice president Tom Hogan, the existing point-of-sale (POS) technology that most of his company’s brands were using was just not up to the job.

With more than 600 restaurants across 21 brands, Foodtastic is a big player in the Canadian food and beverage business. And, while you may not know the parent company, you’re most certainly familiar with many of its brands. Think Second Cup, Milestones, Chocolato and Pita Pit.

It started with coffee

Second Cup, the Canadian coffee chain, was already using Givex’s POS and Customer WebSuite (CWS) interactive gift card technology in its 200 cafes for customer order processing, gift cards and a loyalty program when Foodtastic bought it in early 2021. It was Second Cup’s successes with the Givex products that led to Foodtastic rolling out Givex’s POS and CWS technology across all its 21 brands in autumn that same year.

 Why Givex?

So, with several merchant technology players in the market, why did Foodtastic partner with Givex? Efficiency, speed of service and the ability to quickly generate and provide highly relevant data place Givex’s POS and CWS above the competition. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Tom Hogan said in a recent issue of Hospitality Technology  magazine:

“Givex gives us the ability to generate, compare and evaluate every item, in every hour in every cafe - 200 cafes in nine provinces with multiple suppliers and menus - in seconds, simply by dragging and dropping the measures in and out of the menu, then exporting into different formats with one click.”

And Foodtastic’s satisfaction with Givex goes beyond the products, as Hogan mentioned the exceptional support from the Givex team and flexibility of the platform in the same article, and called Givex a “great partner” as they grow their business.

Find out more

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