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Givex Acquires Pi Cash Systeme in Switzerland

Posted by Sonya Hoshmand

Givex, the cloud-based customer engagement solution that helps to streamline business operations from end-to-end, announced today the acquisition of Pi Cash Systeme, a leading Swiss provider of point of sale systems, automatic coin changers and badge loading terminals.

Pi Cash Systeme has provided secure and user-friendly payment solutions for hotels, restaurants and retailers for over 20 years and has a reputation for developing technological solutions to fit client needs. As part of this acquisition, Pi Cash Systeme will be renamed Givex Europe and continue serving its base of 2,000 clients while supporting Givex installations in the region.

“Europe was the first market we expanded to outside of North America, with the opening of our UK office in 2004,” says Don Gray, CEO of Givex. “With this new Givex Europe office, we look forward to further supporting our regional clients while strengthening our presence in France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Pi Cash Systeme also brings new technology and integration expertise which will be invaluable to our future growth.”

“Pi Cash Systeme is pleased to join the Givex family,” says Frédéric Gonsard, Managing Director, Givex Europe. “Givex shares our approach of developing solutions in-house to meet changing customer needs. With this acquisition, we look forward to offering new products such as handheld tablet POS, online ordering, gift cards and loyalty programs. More and more businesses are turning to these technology solutions to deal with their current challenges. Clients can expect the same high level of service they’ve always received from our team and we look forward to serving them into the future.”





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