Here's 7 Reasons Why You Need Self Service Kiosks!

Posted by Sonya Hoshmand

Self-service kiosks have proven to be a revolutionary innovation in making life easier and quicker for people in a variety of scenarios, but in particular, aiding the restaurant industry. The kiosk was initially introduced as a simple pay-and-display machine, but as technology advanced, it too grew its ability to provide a more sophisticated level of customer service.

Picture this! It's lunchtime, and your restaurant is busier than ever before, and clients who come in are discouraged by the massive line up and leave frustrated. You as the owner are upset by the loss of sale, confused about what to do? The answer lies within having a self-serve ordering kiosk inside your restaurant! Not convinced? Here are 7 reasons why you should adopt this revolutionary technology.


Decrease Wait Times

Nothing is worse than going into a restaurant and seeing a long line up. Nobody likes to wait! 45% of customers will even leave a restaurant if the line-up is too long. Having a kiosk at your establishment is the best way to overcome this problem. Customer preferences are also changing.  80% of customers will go for the kiosk instead of a cashier during busy times, which significantly helps speed up the entire ordering process.


Customer Loyalty

In this age of fast-paced lifestyles, more and more people are finding self-service machines to be an indispensable part of life.

With the increasing speed of the ordering process, it directly affects the customers' satisfaction and thus, their loyalty. Ordering kiosks have shown to be a winner in the combination of convenience, speed and customization with an American restaurant stating that over 90% of the revenue comes from recurring visitors!


Having this positive customer experience leads to positive word of mouth. If a customer has had a great experience with your quick and easy self-service technology, they're likely to tell others, increasing your potential customer base.


Business More Profitable

Kiosks can cut a lot of time and cost for businesses when it comes to labor and food waste. The kiosks can handle several administrative tasks, allowing operators toreassign staff to a more service-oriented role and focus on customer retention.

As the customer is in full control over their order, the chance of an order not being placed correctly is low to none. Misunderstanding between the customer and the cashier is natural but with this process you minimize any food waste from incorrect orders.

Despite the initial investment that self-service kiosks carry with them, they offer a keen return on investment for your organization. As your reputation for fast, convenient service grows, your customer base will grow, creating more streams of revenue. The self-service kiosk also offers improved upselling capabilities compared to traditional methods of service, developing the potential for increased profits


Average Bill Amount Increases 

Orders taken through a kiosk are seen to be on average 21% higher than those taken by a cashier. There is a good reason for that. The ordering kiosk allows for additional items to be added such as extra toppings and fresh from the oven products. Now, why would you give that up? The stunning and bright display consistently presents upselling options that would be missed unless the customer directly asks the cashier to add additional items to their order.


In addition to being quick and easy to use, the kiosk presents extras in a tempting manner, which allows users to add items which they otherwise wouldn't have thought of.


More Orders are Produced Daily

Automating processes makes things move quicker. The quicker the transaction, the higher the amount of traffic that can pass through your restaurant within a given timeframe. During that lunch or dinner rush, you have cashiers and kiosks taking the order which is twice as many orders being placed at the same time. The results are a reduction in queues and delays and therefore satisfied customers.


Optimize Employee's Time

Some individuals believe that the existence of this technology is a threat to jobs in the restaurant industry. It's quite the contrary! Many restaurants already struggle to find skilled employees who will stay. By turning to technology, they can streamline the order-taking process and optimize the presence of employees to speed up the service time. Owners will have the ability to utilize and maximize their staff to attend other essential tasks that wouldn't happen during peak times. Arestaurant that was able to reduce their service time by 7 seconds saw their market share increase 1% to 4%.



Complementary to your Online Ordering Platform

With their similar perks, this two-technology combination is the winning recipe for your restaurant's success. Adopt both the online ordering platform and the ordering kiosk, and see your restaurant reach skyrocketing new heights in no time!


Still think you don't need a Self-Service Kiosk in your restaurant? Book a Demo with our sales representative to show how to customize the kiosk to your needs!

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