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La Fenice Announces Ownership Change and New Direction

Posted by Sonya Hoshmand

La Fenice, a fixture of Toronto’s Entertainment District for over 35 years, announced today that it had been acquired by Givex, a technology company headquartered in Toronto.

La Fenice’s former owners, Rita Fosco and Rocco Fosco, will be moving on to new adventures. They are known for their tireless dedication and the warm welcome they’ve extended to customers far and wide, a tradition started by Rita’s father, Luigi Orgera, when he founded La Fenice in 1984.


“La Fenice has been my family business for over 35 years and it’s always hard to say goodbye,” says Rita Fosco. “Rocco and I would like to thank all our wonderful guests for allowing us to be a part of their lives and will truly miss them as we embark on this next chapter.”


Givex has been serving the restaurant industry as a provider of point of sale (POS) technology, gift cards and loyalty programs since 1999 and has been an investor in La Fenice for the last 2 years. This partnership has included Givex providing industry-leading POS, gift card, loyalty and marketing services.


Givex plans to continue operating La Fenice with 12-year La Fenice veteran Greg Butters as Restaurant Director and 20-year veteran Thabo Sivanesan as Head Chef and Kitchen Manager. With this acquisition, Givex hopes to continue building upon this local institution, while using the experience to better understand the needs and challenges of its clients. Givex recognizes the legacy of fine food and hospitality created by Rita and Rocco Fosco and will endeavour to honour it as they continue this new journey with La Fenice.