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Omni-Channel POS Operator Givex Announces Partnership With Barburrito

Posted by Emilia Kayko

The fast-growing Mexican restaurant chain will leverage Givex's omni-channel technology platform to aid in its continued expansion across Canada.

Givex, the global IT platform focused on providing merchants with useful customer insights, has announced its partnership with Barburrito, a Mexican restaurant chain with 150 locations across Canada. The fast-growing restaurant concept has chosen Givex as its preferred POS system provider, implementing Givex technology in an effort to create a closer, more streamlined relationship with customers, from point of purchase to post-sale, and bolstering the brand's continued innovation and expansion across Canada.

"We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Barburrito and we are proud to have been chosen as their technology partner providing point of sale, gift cards, loyalty and online ordering supporting the brand's existing operations and continued expansion across Canada," said Mo Chaar, Chief Commercial Officer for Givex. "Their partnership speaks to the ability of Givex technology to scale rapidly with a brand and it marks a major step forward for our overall growth."

Founded in 2005, Barburrito first launched with Givex in October of 2020, testing the POS system in select stores throughout the Saskatchewan area. Once launched, GivexPOS quickly helped the brand optimize the customer experience, tap into valuable sales reporting, create data-driven menu promotions and streamline both on and off-premise operations, all valuable assets that helped the brand successfully navigate the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. After a successful pilot program, Barburrito is now launching GivexPOS at all of its existing locations and will be fully integrated system wide later this month.

Barburrito launched Givex's app for online ordering, gift and loyalty, allowing all relationships throughout the network to be handled through a single solution with high levels of service. Givex is a one-stop shop for Barburrito, to help the chain streamline their business efficiencies. By providing constant upgrades and a robust system that is built to scale, Givex offers clients a POS system that is always primed for growth.

"The addition of Givex as our partner has proven to be invaluable for the continued growth of the Barburrito brand," said Sameer Lalji, Senior Vice President at Barburrito. "As the pandemic continued to impede on-premise restaurant sales, having GivexPOS and a streamlined and efficient online ordering app became instrumental to the success and survival of our restaurants. Additionally, Givex reporting capabilities are unmatched and the data has provided our team with the information necessary to foster stronger conversations with our customers and create promotions that resonate. All of these capabilities working in tandem are helping to propel Barburrito towards continued success and growth into new territories across Canada."

The partnership with Barburrito marks the most recent in a long line of new and expanding Givex clients including Meltwich, the 50-plus-unit Canadian-based grilled cheese franchise that recently expanded its footprint to the U.S.

Givex is a global IT platform focused on providing merchants with useful customer insights. The Givex platform supports the processing of simple or complex gift card programs, customized loyalty programs, stored value/loaded tickets, a powerful omnichannel point of sale system with options that include fully integrated payment processing, kitchen display systems, Inventory controls, labor management, kiosks, handheld ordering tablets and merchant-skinned online ordering websites.

The platform also has fully integrated management and consumer apps. The platform's portal also provides merchant support tools, hundreds of customizable reports, campaign management templates and most importantly, a flexible easy-to-use analytics tool that enables merchants to make informed decisions about how to communicate with and cater to their customer needs. The platform is also flexible and can be integrated to a wide variety of third party vendors. Learn more at givex.com

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