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What Technology Restaurants Need to Adapt to The New “Normal”

Posted by Sonya Hoshmand

Among all the confusion that COVID-19 has presented, many restaurant owners have had to scramble quickly to provide takeout and delivery only models. Governments have placed restrictions that have made the sector's future uncertain. As some have closed their doors, others utilize technology to aid them in these tricky situations. Here are key elements that your technology needs to adjust the new "normal" post-pandemic.


POS Capability Integrations

Ensure that your Point-of-Sale has built-in integrations with third-party suppliers. We recently announced our newest delivery partners, DoorDash, Cuboh, and Flyt, available to all of our clients. Any orders placed through the partner's delivery app will be input automatically into your Givex POS system and the proper revenue center. You won't need even to catch the order or to punch it in manually. Reduce time manually inputting orders and reduce the risk of making any human error. Just see the orders appear and use the Givex POS to request a driver. Your POS needs to be just like that. Simple and efficient.


Pickup Options 

Similar to a drive-thru, curbside pickup has become a popular service  amongst local restaurants who don't have a drive-thru available. Allow customers to either order at the restaurant or instead place an order ahead of time and select pickup. Your connectivity (outdoor WiFi) must be strong for your business success. Many users will have their cellular data, but you can provide FREE WiFi near your restaurant with promotional incentives on the landing page. It is another way to use technology to interact with your customer touchpoint.


Cashless Society

Contactless payment has skyrocketed since the pandemic hit, as many customers have shifted away from using cash at stores, especially for low-dollar transactions in quick-service restaurants. The trend towards utilizing mobile payment or Near Field Communication (NFC) has grown and won't be subsiding anytime soon. It's essential during these times that you provide the ability for your customers to pay online or through these digital forms of payment as many will not be using cash.



Through the increase of mobile ordering and remote access, the need for a solid network operation foundation is vital. Be sure to ensure that your system has installed malware protection and is kept up-to-date to reduce the risk of having a breach of security. The restaurant should ensure that all employees are using strong and unique passwords to avoid any basic security network issues. Here is a guide all about POS Security. https://www.givex.com/files/PDF/POSSecurityGuide.pdf


To protect you against potential fraud, Givex is offering a 70% discount on setup fees for our Merchant of Record service using our Customer WebSuite. We take on the fraud and chargeback risk for gift cards sold through that site. Givex's Customer WebSuite allows digital and physical gift cards to be purchased by consumers directly from your website.


During May, we have many promotions that can help your restaurant thrive during these challenging times, from E-Gift Card setup discounts, online ordering setups, to fraud protection. To learn more, click here


These are just a few technology resources that restaurants need to adapt to the new normal that will become part of the industry post-pandemic. How many of these is your POS system capable of?



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