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What’s New: Latest from Givex POS

Posted by Sonya Hoshmand

As we move forward, our focus remains on helping merchants navigate through these unprecedented times by offering new features, updates, and technology as rapidly as possible to support customer demands.

As of this month, here are a few of the exciting new enhancements being released on your Givex POS system. Click here to view the full Givex POS report.


NEW – Redesigned Open Order Screen

This new enhancement redesigns the Open Orders screen offering up to 4 ways of viewing your orders, it improves navigation between types of orders and allows you to view all open orders, across sections, with a single button push.

Key Features include:

  • Setup Default Views by Position
  • Configure up to 3 additional Optional Views by Position which the user can flip between
  • Scan to Retrieve an Order from the Open Orders Screen
  • Filter Orders by Status
  • Real-Time Search to lookup orders
  • Redesigned layout makes it easier to start new orders or tables
  • Easily Switch between Sections


NEW – Quantity Combos

We are introducing a brand-new type of Combo for Givex POS! Today, we offer the ability to setup Standard Combo’s with multiple groups of choices to build your Combo by selecting one Item option from each group, or you can create Dynamic Combo’s where the system looks at an array of like Combo’s and automatically upgrades the type of Combo based on the choices being made by the operator. With Quantity Combo’s you can now set a required Quantity by Group, allowing merchants to create highly complex Combo’s with far fewer groups. You can even create a combo with a single group.

On Portal, you will see that your existing Combo’s are now either set as Standard or Dynamic Combos. When setting up a new Combo on Portal, simply select the new Combo Type field and choose “Quantity” then continue building your Combos with the main item group and secondary item groups. Under each of the item groups, you can specify the quantity of items required to build the group.


NEW – Recipe Cost Analysis

We have added a new Inventory Report to allow for easy Recipe Cost Analysis. The report allows merchants to determine the cost and recipe make up of items on Givex POS when using inventory.

The report shows average or expected cost of an item based on time filter. For items with recipes, it shows the summed-up cost of all ingredients and also shows the corresponding recipe ingredients with quantities, unit of measures and cost per ingredient. This report can be used by merchants to review the cost of each item on the menu based on the cost of the associated recipes. This information can be used to identify bad or missing recipes.

Did you know? You can actually find this information today by item if you press on the (?) next to your average cost on the Item pages.


NEW - Print receipt as soon as an online order is pushed to POS

In our quest to optimize operations and augment Givex POS’s Online Ordering capabilities we have added a new feature, which if enabled, will immediately trigger production and closure of fully paid online orders.

With this new feature enabled an order placed for pickup, delivery or dine-in right away will arrive at the POS, produce and print the associated customer receipt on average within less than 15 seconds! This feature also speeds up time to produce when the order is not fully paid but the order will not automatically be closed without full payment.

The feature can be enabled by order type under the General Settings section of your Online Ordering settings page.


These are just some of the latest updates to our technology. Click here to view the full report containing ALL of the new enhancements. We continue to listen to what our customers are asking for and find solutions to combat their challenges. Whether you are looking for a POS system or simply interested in creating a contactless system for your operations, connect with a Givex representative today.



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