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Givex CEO Don Gray on YouTube

Posted by Darius Sokal

As those of you who do their investment research online may already know, Givex's CEO Don Gray is appearing on YouTube a fair bit of late.

You see, Don’s in high demand as a guest for online platform interviews since Givex listed its shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the ticker symbol “GIVX” in December last year.

Don’s most recent virtual Q&A sessions occurred with three online investment information platforms, each targeting a distinct audience: advanced investors, female investors and millennials.

Market Money Report (@MarketMoneyReport)



In Introducing Givex, Market Money Report's host Zachary Rain introduced Don and Givex to his platform’s investment-savvy viewers. Watch to learn about Givex, the company’s investment highlights, and what you can expect to see from Givex on the TSX.

The Klein Report (@TheKleinReport)

In an episode titled New Stock Alert: Givex, Esther Klein of The Klein Report provided a female’s perspective when she spoke with Don and his wife, Givex cofounder and HR EVP Debra Demeza, about the company’s incredible growth and profitability during the last 20+ years.

Market Intel Report (@MarketIntelReport)

Targeting millennials in Check out Givex!, Market Intel Report host Troy sat down with Don to ask him to describe how Givex, which started in 1999 as a way for Don and Debra to work remotely, grew into a global company operating with more than 270 employees in 100 countries.

Givex (TSX: GIVX) is a global IT platform focused on providing merchants with useful customer insights. Our platform supports gift card processing, custom loyalty programs, stored value/loaded tickets, omnichannel point-of-sale and fully integrated payment processing, KDS, inventory, labor, kiosk, handheld tablets and online ordering apps. Learn more at givex.com.

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